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Size Doesn’t Matter

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There are some aspects where bigger is better (diamonds) and others in which smaller is better (blood pressure readings), but clothing fits neither of those categories.  Size in clothing just is.  One size is not better than any other, yet we’ve given a lot of power and value to the number on the little tag attached to our garments.

For many of us being a perfect size (fill in the blank) is a point of pride.  It becomes part of our identity and can result in us making poor style choices. Several years ago, while shopping at Ross Dress for Less with a group of friends, one friend left the store empty-handed, declaring that she didn’t like Ross because they did not carry her size.  After considering the merits of this statement, I asked, “what is your size”? “Nine”, she declared.  We all know Ross carries sizes up to at least XXXL.  She had tried on several size 9 garments that were too small.  Instead of trying the next size up, she determined that they did not have her size.  We still laugh about this today.

My friend’s attachment to “her size” caused her to ignore what matters most, the fit.  Your size in any particular style or brand is the one that fits you. The sooner we accept that, the more fun shopping will be.  Going up a size to get the best fit should not be a negative experience.

I have come to the conclusion that size isn’t even a real thing.  The fact that “size” differs by brand is all the proof you need.  There is no industry standard for what measurements equal to a size 8.  Also, a modern size 8 is vastly different from a vintage size 8.  Size labeling has been adjusted over time to accommodate modern bodies, which are larger than 30 years ago.

Size standards aren’t even consistent within a brand.  I love Tory Burch clothing, and my closet has Tory Burch items ranging from size 4 to size 10 due to style variations.  The size I purchase is dictated by the fit of the garment.  The fit is determined by the fabric composition and the overall style of the item.

Generally, I recommend purchasing items to fit the largest part of the area you are dressing. For example, when purchasing pants, they must first fit my thighs comfortably.  Often this means that the waist will be too large, but that’s nothing a trip to the tailor can’t resolve.

Many of us are attached to a particular size because we believe that it’s better to wear a smaller size, but the irony is we look slimmer in clothes that fit properly regardless of the number on the tag.  Squeezing into a garment that is too small, often results in an emphasis on our rolls and lumps or creates rolls and lumps that don’t actually exist.  Not to mention too small clothing is uncomfortable, which affects our confidence as we move throughout the day.

At the end of the day, you’re the only one who knows what size you’re wearing, and no one else really cares.  They’ll be thinking about how great you looked, not what size you’re wearing. Buy whatever size fits you.

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6 thoughts on “Size Doesn’t Matter

  1. I loved this article because I often find myself not buying an article of clothing because I didn’t want to get a larger size. This article spoke directly to me so I’ll be more intentional when I shop and realize that it’s the comfort in the size that matters. If I truly like it and I have to go a size up , then go a size up and enjoy your clothes and how it makes me feel ! Thank you 😊

    1. I’ve done it too, Angela. I tried a dress that I loved in “my size” last Summer. My size fit, but was a tad uncomfortable on the hip. I left the store without the dress, but I couldn’t stop thinking about it. One night, while lying in bed, I asked myself why hadn’t I just tried the next size up.💡 I went back and bought the dress in the next size up. I feel great in it and it looks good on me.

  2. I soooo agree with this. The size you feel comfortable in is your size. I have gone through a metamorphosis and lost over 75 lbs. I have pants in my closet in sizes 12, 14w, and 16. Tops range from M to XL. All these sizes fit and depending on the style I’m going for, look great too! Thanks for saying what we all need to hear and recognize!

    1. Hi Lesley, Thank you for reading the article. I don’t even speak in terms of size anymore. If some asks my size, I give them my measurements.🙌🏾

  3. Thank you for this! All my life I was thin – until menopause, and in the last few years I’ve gained more than 20 pounds. When you said “You’re the only one who knows what size you’re wearing, and no one else really cares,” I realized how silly it is of me to care about size. I had been trying to accept having to go up a size or two, when it really doesn’t matter at all. It is definitely much better when clothes fit well and are comfortable!

    Also, I love your daily outfit videos and photos; they are very inspiring!

  4. I appreciate this conversation. I’m very athletic but after having my children I struggle to find my confidence in clothing again. Much appreciated.
    Size 16