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Do you do personal styling?

Style consultations are available.  Please submit an iquiry.

Where can I find daily style inspiration??

Follow My Style is My Brand on Instagram.

Do you ever sell your clothes?

Yes, you can shop my Poshmark closet, or my Style Crush collection.

What is Style Crush?

We’re a diverse group that got together because we love thrifting, but hate the way it’s currently offered online: options that are overwhelming for buyers and rarely profitable for resellers.

We knew there had to be a better way. A way to make thrifting so easy anyone could do it, regardless of their age, gender identity, size, ability, bank account, or bandwidth.

We think we’re on to something big. And we think a platform this special should belong to its community. 

Want a sneak peak?? Join our community now to see how it works and to help us grow!