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Finally! I finally did it!!  Thank you for being here to see it.  I have had a dream of starting a blog and having a website for several years.  For several years I have paid monthly fees to Word Press because I believed I would get started if I was paying.  I mean, I wasn’t going to allow myself to just waste money, right?  If only that were true.

I first had the idea in 2016, after I completed my Silver-Pin Sommelier certification with the North American Sommelier Association.  Wine was to be the blog subject until the, almost immediate, onset of imposter syndrome killed that idea.  Despite the hundreds of hours of study and passing a grueling exam, I questioned whether I had the qualifications to talk about my own perspective on the world of wine.  Why would/should anyone care what I have to say on the topic?

I abandoned that idea, then thought I might write about my experience moving back into an inner-city area after having achieved the dream of education and financial success that is synonymous with leaving these areas for “better” neighborhoods.  I had lived away from the inner-city for 26 years, and it was certainly a lifestyle adjustment moving back.  The idea was fun, but I was concerned that it wouldn’t be received in the right context.  I abandoned that idea before the first article was finished.

Four years later I would be presented with an opportunity to be a monthly style contributor for an online magazine publication.  How was I going to write about something for which I had no certifiable credentials, when I didn’t have the confidence to write about something I had studied and was being educated in?  Imposter syndrome was lurking in the shadows, but did not have the opportunity to kill this opportunity.

This time there was someone else cheering me on and blowing wind into my sails. The publisher of the magazine, Laura, had been my first personal styling client. When I questioned who would want to read anything I had to say about style, Laura assured me that she and others would find it interesting.  Ultimately, I realized she wouldn’t jeopardize her own magazine by bringing in someone that had nothing to offer.  So, I wrapped myself in confidence and got to work. I was a nervous wreck every time my articles were published.  Laura would shut down her magazine about a year later, but she had given me a gift.

A little over a year later, my dream is a reality.  I abandoned the do-it-yourself approach, and got some creative folks to help bring my vision to life.  My current talents do not lie in coding and web design, and that’s okay. I’ve realized that no one is more qualified that me to write about my perspective and experience on any topic.

Let this be a sign to not give up on your dreams.

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10 thoughts on “I Did It!

  1. Congratulations Sabra, I love that you started this and we all get a lil peek into your fabulously stylish mind.

  2. Hi Sabra, I was so heartfelt reading of your dream. Pretty amazed that a person with your talents would feel that challenged. I love your style and verve. And wish you the very best in everything you do. And, I, for one, would love to hear about wine from you. There are so many vinyards and wineries that would love representation. And so many wine-dorks, like me, that need help finding good wine. I know nothing about wine, but know a good one when it’s presented to me. Oh, maybe a little series on grapes, etc. Anyway, truly wish I had as extensive (or even half as extensive) a wardrobe as you have. Oh, and you make me miss LA. I lived in The Village Green for 20 some years. I love LA’s inner city culture.

    1. Hi Maris,

      I believe everyone has some level of self-doubt, but they don’t talk about it. Every time I post an article, I worry about it being good enough. I worry if people will connect with it, but I’ve conditioned myself to push the doubts aside and just do it. That’s the only way I can get better. Thank you for your support.

      I will definitely talk about wine, and my love for it. Thank you for being here.


  3. Congratulations to you. I’m so thankful I started following you TikTok. This article has given me encouragement and motivation to pursue my dream of blogging. I’ve hesitated for years.
    Also I’m about to dump my closet and get some style about myself. Love your style will read more if your articles.

    1. Hi Lisa,

      Thank you for your support. Regarding starting a blog, I’m in the background cheering you on. It has been personally rewarding for me to take the step and share my passion with folks. If it’s been a dream that hasn’t left you, you’ve got to do it. No regrets.