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Another Way to Get Dressed with Joy

I love acquiring new clothes as much as anyone.  It doesn’t matter whether the items are new or pre-loved, I always feel excitement when styling up new pieces with my old pieces.  However, I know it is not financially and environmentally sustainable to always have new pieces. Well, at least that’s what I thought before I discovered clothing rental.

I’d always thought of clothing rental as a thing you do for special occasion clothing only.  You know, the beaded gowns and cocktail dresses that you typically wear only once.  The truth is I consider life to be a special occasion, so it makes sense that clothing rental is also a great option for everyday wear as well.  With that in mind, I’m launching the My Style is My Brand Style Box, subscription clothing rental service to help you and me get dressed with joy every day.

How does the My Style is My Brand Style Box Work?

  • Sign up at to get started with your 30-day FREE trial.
  • Shop the My Style is My Brand Style Box inventory.
  • Add at least six items to your style box virtual closet.
  • Wait for your first shipment of two items.
  • Wear the items as many, or as few times as you want.
  • Keep the items as long as you want.
  • Return the items in the bag provided.
  • Two more items are sent from your virtual closet.

What’s good about the My Style is My Brand Style Box?

  • Try new styles without commitment.
  • Purchase the items you love at an exclusive discounted price.
  • Return what you don’t love.
  • Shop brands you love and discover new brands.
  • Unlimited exchanges during the month.
  • The cleaning is handled for you.
  • Always have something new or different to wear without breaking the bank.
  • Size inclusive (styles up to size 4X).
  • Free shipping.

Rent, Return, Repeat.  Get started today!

I can’t wait to show you how I style my style box pieces.

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